Anti-Trump Muslim SJW on BLM vs KKK, Bible vs Koran: Qasim Rashid


GUEST: Qasim Rashid doesn’t like The Great White Hope, President Trump, but claims to believe in “justice.” He says healthcare is getting more expensive because of Trump. Jesse mentions The Fallen Messiah, Barack Obama, increasing costs and destroying freedoms to cross state lines, etc. Qasim complains about Trump’s tax cuts, “wealth inequality,” and the big deficit. Jesse asks why liberals, who are wealthier than anyone, are jealous of the people who earn their way?

Jesse asks who’s to blame that poor people exist. Qasim says he’s not a Christian but he loves Jesus, and believes in helping people or something — then says it’s the fault of Republicans and Democrats. He mentions a “justice-based economic system.” He talks about “coming together as a country” and saying “collectively” our leadership has failed. He uses the buzzword of “a living wage,” implying that “minimum wage” should allow you to pay rent in New York City or somewhere.

Jesse asks: Are you a socialist? He says he believes in capitalism and a free market, but believes in a “human right” to basic food and healthcare. He says Jesus Christ is a socialist by Jesse’s definition. No.

Jesse asks if he’s happy that The Great White Hope is destroying ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Jesse’s overjoyed. Qasim refers to ISIS as Daish and a terrorist organization.

Qasim authored “Talk to Me: Changing the Narrative on Race, Religion, & Education” (2016), seeking to overcome racism, xenophobia, misogyny, and violence though dialogue.

Jesse points out that Muslims are trained from day 1 to lie to the infidel (Christians and Jews). How can we trust what he’s saying when he’s taught to lie without guilt and in order to deceive. Qasim says he was on Jesse’s show 6 years ago and gave a detailed answer to the same question. They argue about this. Jesse says, No! I’m not falling for that.

Jesse asks if they believe that Jesus is the Son of God. He says yes in the same sense that others are considered sons of God. They argue about whether Jesus was in the Bible as the only Begotten Son of God. He says he follows the Bible.

Jesse asks if he believes there’s such a thing as white supremacy. Qasim asks if the KKK is his bedfellow? He calls them terrorists but defends Black Lives Matter.

Jesse explains that Black Lives Matter is a far-left, liberal, radical organization that was founded by a black LESBIANS, and black homosexuals, and radical white social justice warriors. They are worse than the KKK. Why would you support BLM but not the KKK?

Qasim says the KKK victimized people for 150 years, and says “that you support them Jesse is very disturbing.” Jesse never said he supported the KKK, yet Qasim said he supports BLM, and Jesse repeats the truth about BLM — and Muslims don’t even like homosexuals.

Qasim acts like Christians believe in death penalty for homosexuals (based on the Bible, which he previously suggested he follows) but Muslims don’t, and talks about “homophobia,” “hate crimes,” and “discrimination.” Jesse repeats his question about homosexuality what it says. Jesse asks why his god does not approve of homosexuality. He tries to say Allah, Jehovah and God are the same god. Qasim claims that Jesse’s statement that BLM is worse than the KKK is offensive and ignorant. He also accuses Jesse of “creating hatred” toward the “LGBT community.”

Jesse asks why we see Muslims throwing homosexuals from rooftops, and not from Christians. Qasim says there are extremists, and even a hate crime law named after a gay man in the U.S.

Jesse asks why he’s lying to us? Qasim says, “I need you to stop being a child…” He repeats some verse in Leviticus about Old Testament punishments for Israel. Jesse asks him why he’s attacking the Bible. Jesse tells him he cannot attack the Bible.

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