3 Things the Media Was Too Afraid to Tell You this week


A court in Canada to ruled that a 14 year old girl will be allowed to undergo transgender hormone injections against the wishes of her parents.

The Canadian court ruled that if her parents called her “their daughter”, used the wrong gender pro noun that it would be called family violence …. it has also happened in the USA

107 house democrats in Washington introduced a health care plan more radical than Bernie Sanders. The plan is called “Battle Ready” but doesn’t have a price tag or funding mechanism. It would outlaw all private health insurance. it will eliminate 1-2 million jobs and end Medicaid and Medicare etc

1in 3 women who try to cross the border are subjected to sexual violence on this journey to the border. In addition every girl over 9 years old is subjected to a pregnancy test by ICE Agents due to how rampant the child abuse and sex abuse is.