CNN’s Fake Journalism Exposed Awarded for Parkland Townhall


CNN’s town hall event that they hosted last year in the wake of the school shooting at Marjory Stone Douglas High School in Parkland Florida. The televised event out with Jake Tapper the Marjory Stone Douglas students who all piled on NRA spokeswoman Dana Lash that town Hall events has just one award the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in television political journalism.

Ooh I’m serious I can’t make this stuff up. this season in town all of it nasty bloodthirsty dishonest bias public humiliation spectacle was honoured for journalism watch you’ve had a previous town Hall are you still with the young woman in Kim Corbin was a college student was brutally raped and she was under the age of twenty one and one of the things that she speaks out about why we now she wish she would have had the ability to be able to have some sort shotgun to be able to defend herself