Five things the media was too afraid to tell you 3-May 2019


Here are the things that really mattered this week

As the Dems continued to fire baseless accusations to AG Barr special Counsel Robert Mueller confirmed that letter to Congress was accurate and the whole was debunked by The Washington (COM)Post. In the article in way down in paragraph 14 it says that they spoke to the each other on the phone. And Mueller confirmed that the letter that Barr sent to Congress was accurate but was annoyed about Barr’s Media rollout strategy and releasing of the report and dates.

Other news that you didn’t hear in the MSM include Vice President Joe Biden travel to China in 2013 with his son Hunter Biden and when returned Hunter Biden signed a 1 Billion dollar equity deal with the Chinese Communist Party….

United Nations and more… Did the Main Stream media report on this.. No – Tipping Point With Liz Wheeler on OAN