Democrat Brian Sims Runs Away From Black Man


Democrat Brian Sims, the now-infamous Pennsylvania Democrat Representative of the 182nd District, predictably failed to show his face at the May 10, 2019 pro-life rally outside his favorite snack shack slash huge campaign donor, the Locust Street Planned Parenthood in Philadelphia, PA. Having seen what he can do to elderly women and underage girls, most of us were hoping for a confrontation with someone he couldn’t kill with his bare hands – but were left wanting. …except, as luck would have it, the livestream bullying aficionado actually WAS caught on camera in 2017 being confronted by a gay black man who – shocker – was angry with Democrat Brian Sims’ lack of representation of black and brown people from the Philadelphia LGBTQ community. Take a wild guess whether he screamed for ten minutes, or ran away like a coward.