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World leading virologist hits at western world


A world leading French virologist slams the Western world response to Covid-19.

French biologist Didier Raoult said the fact that wealthy nations are not necessarily more prepared than poorer ones to deal with a pandemic and they are often too slow to act.

“a disconnect between wealth and the ability to respond to situations of this kind.”

Video posted on YouTube by French biologist Didier Raoult 

“The rich and developed countries have had less significant results than the poor countries, which chose to treat like pneumonia with common drugs and which cost nothing” referring to Covid-19.

While Raoult has adamantly defended his approach, there is still no solid evidence that hydroxychloroquine actually works against the coronavirus. 

The most recent study was conducted on sick veterans in the US. In that study of 368 patients, which is not yet peer-reviewed, about 28 percent of the Covid-19 sufferers treated with hydroxychloroquine died of the infection, while only 11 percent of those receiving routine care died.

On Twitter, Raoult slammed the US study as “fraudulent” and “fake news.” He said that the patients treated with hydroxychloroquine were already in critical condition.

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