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Hypocrisy of The Guardian on “Juneteenth” and Trump


The Guardian takes a swipe at Trump laughing at him that he only found out about Juneteenth just two weeks ago from a black secret service agent. Here is the link –
Trump was told meaning of Juneteenth by black Secret Service agent – report
So I did a search of the Guardian newspaper to find out when they have ever acknowledged Juneteenth in their international edition prior to 2020.

On the 5th page of results we find the first article prior to 2020 that references Juneteeth from 2014. That is right, before Trump tweeted out his now infamous Tweet The Guardian only mentions Juneteenth twice prior to June 2020. Below are the links to the two articles.

Malcolm X’s daughter on Juneteenth: ‘We’re in denial of the African holocaust’19 Jun 2014

‘Stain of slavery’: Congress debates reparations to atone for America’s original sin Wed 19 Jun 2019

Since Trumps Tweet, The Guardian have published over 30 plus articles with regards to Juneteenth