July 16, 2024

The Australian Defence Force will acquire new deadly drones in a major boost for its arsenal, the federal government is set to announce today.

The small Switchblade 300 drone is designed to crash into enemy, kamikaze-like, and explode on impact.

They will be issued to Australia’s special forces.

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The small weapons weigh about 3kg and can be carried in a backpack and launched on the battlefield.

They are designed to loiter in the air, identify a target, and then strike, with its warhead exploding on impact.

Designed in the United States, the Switchblade had been supplied to the Ukrainian military during its war against Russia.

It has proven a cheap and highly effective weapon, credited with destroying hundreds of Russian tanks and other armoured vehicles.

Last year’s Defence Strategic Review called on the ADF to be equipped with new technologies, such as drones.

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