July 16, 2024

The Boyfriend, Japan’s first same-sex romance reality series, celebrates love in all its forms.

Located by the sea, the “Green Room” beach house sets the stage for nine men to find love.

For a month, they live together and take turns working shifts at a peppermint green coffee truck, forging deep friendships and learning about themselves along the way.

Hosted by an eclectic mix of personalities, including MEGUMI, Chiaki Horan, Thelma Aoyama, drag queen Durian Lollobrigida and Yoshimi Tokui, the show promises a rollercoaster of emotions.

Executive producer Dai Ota, manager of live-action originals at Netflix Japan, said, “We started out wanting to highlight the young men’s friendships and personalities. Our focus wasn’t just on romance but also on spending time together and experiencing personal growth.”

Kyodo Television’s Keisuke Hishida who serves as the chief producer and director, adds, “I discussed with the cast how growth and valuable experiences stem from shared friendships, youth and struggles, not just romance. This led to many unexpected miracles on set.”

Model, DJ and YouTube vlogger Taiki takes on the roles of producer and casting director. On bringing the charismatic group together, he says, “I’m so happy with how this series took shape. I listened to each participant with a goal to produce a show that left everyone feeling valued and loved.”

A total of 10 episodes in four weekly installments begins Tuesday July 9 on Netflix.

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