July 16, 2024

MasterChef champion and TV cook Julie Goodwin appeared last night in the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars, but only to reveal she would not be dancing.

Goodwin was forced to sit out the episode after suffering two serious tears to her calf muscles in rehearsal.

“I was jumping on poor Andrey here and yes, something snapped and fortunately it was my leg and not his back. My calf muscle,” she confirmed.

Nobody was eliminated in the first episode, with five other celebrities performing.

Lisa McCune and Ian Waite: 30
James Stewart and Jorja Freeman: 25
Ant Middleton and Alex Vladimirov: 18
Nadia Bartel and Lyu Masuda: 17
Ben Cousins and Siobhan Power: 14
Julie Goodwin and Andrey Gorbunov: –

Six more will dance next Sunday night.

Although filming of the series was only a matter of days between episodes, Goodwin hopes to dance again ahead of the series’ first elimination.

7pm Sunday on Seven.

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