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Was it staged? Fake News – Peaceful Activist or Professional Provoker

Outrage this week as 75 year old when Martin Gugino was injured when shoved by two Buffalo Police officers to the ground...

REBUTTAL: Trevor Noah’s Lockdown Protest Lies! | Louder with Crowder

Steven takes on The Daily Show's Trevor Noah's recent vilification of protestors, misconceptions about "flattening the curve," and claims that re-opening the...

Biden rejects donation from Louis CK on sexual harassment grounds

The hypocrits of the Democrats. Creepy Joe Biden has rejected a $AU4400 donation from comedian Louis CK. A Biden campaign official confirmed...

Today latest figure (per capita) Sunday 26.04.2020

Provided by the WHO and CDC. THIS IS PER CAPITA

Trump the latest on immigration executive order, border

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany joins 'Outnumbered Overtime' to discuss Trump's immigration executive order and how 81% of Americans are behind...

WIKILEAKS dumps their files online

When Julian Assange was arrested, Wikileaks vowed to dump everything for public viewing if anything ever happened to Julian while in jail....

World leading virologist hits at western world

A world leading French virologist slams the Western world response to Covid-19. French biologist Didier Raoult said the fact...

CNN’s Brian Stelter Crying to Sleep because of Corvid-19

Mark Dice does his (in)famous Brian Stelter tear jerking impersonation. Brian Stelter interviews YouTube's Susan Wojcicki

Fauci’s expert advice changes weekly

There has been a lot of criticism of President Donald Trump for his administration’s response to the novel coronavirus outbreak in China...

Joe Biden Suffering From Dementia – Opinion

Biden is either instructed via an earpiece or reads the text on a teleprompter. No questions from the press are allowed.
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