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Gutfeld on NBC’s interview with MAGA hat teen

The media trying to analyze the Covington controversy is like a murderer performing an autopsy on his own victim. #TheFive#FoxNews

The Greg Gutfeld Show Fox News Live January 19, 2019

"Trump serving fast food to the Clemson football team was 'disgraceful'" - Jesse Jackson. Also Trumps ...

Gutfeld: 2018 was a year of things I never thought I’d...

"I'm a little sorry to see 2018 end, but 2019 could be even more awesome." From CNN, Elizabeth Warren's DNA, Peter Strzok...

Gutfeld on ‘the Trump 360’

President Trump says something outrageous and the media freak out. Then a month later, they realize Trump had a point and they try to...

Why election stress only damages the left

Gutfeld and the FOX 5 discuss the left, for us politics isn't personal. It's a part of life, not life itself. Just another game...
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