July 16, 2024

Under Investigation with Liz Hayes tonight explores the case of Corinna Marr,

Corinna Marr was a young woman shot execution-style in her bedroom in 1997. The circumstances surrounding her murder remain shrouded in mystery, compelling Liz Hayes and a panel of UI experts to unravel clues and explore potential motives.

With Corinna’s husband cleared of any involvement, the search for answers intensifies: who would commit such a brutal act against an innocent young woman, and what was the motive? Joining Liz Hayes at the War Table are esteemed experts from various fields, each bringing a unique perspective to the investigation: Alex Krstic, former Victorian Major Crime Squad Detective; Colin Todd, close friend and employer of Corinna, and a one-time suspect in her death; Graham Archer, veteran journalist and author; and Paul Heywood-Smith KC, a renowned barrister who represented another of the suspects.

This special episode also features an emotional interview with Trevor King, Corinna’s father, who recounts the heartbreaking moment he arrived at the crime scene and discovered the devastating truth about his daughter’s fate.

Through meticulous reconstruction of the crime scene and comprehensive analysis of available evidence, UI aims to uncover the truth behind Corinna Marr’s cold-blooded murder. Viewers will be taken on a journey through the investigation’s twists and turns, as the panel of experts strives to piece together the puzzle and bring justice to Corinna’s memory.

Tuesday, June 25, at 8.30pm on Nine.

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