July 19, 2024

French bulldogs Oreo and Gizmo have been reunited with the RSPCA inspector who rescued them from a puppy farm in Perth more than a year ago.

“I could cry seeing them because they are just completely different,” Florence Maude said.

The inspector rescued the dogs from an inhumane puppy farm in Wattlegrove. 

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Conditions at the puppy farm were confronting, with dogs confined to small cages.

There was a noticeable smell from the street.

“The conditions would indicate the dogs were being bred for profit,” Maude said.

“The dogs were deformed in a way. 

“Their spines were arching upwards, they could barely walk more than a few metres without being tired and needing to sit down. 

“They had pressure sores from living on the wire.”

The dogs had to remain in the care of the RSPCA for more than a year. 

More than $100,000 was spent in vet bills to get them happy and healthy

The two dogs are now in loving homes.

“She has brought so much joy to us and still does now,” Oreo’s owner said.

“She’s just an adorable dog and an adorable nature.”

Last year, inspectors investigated more than 7000 cases of animal cruelty across WA.

The RSPCA said the person allegedly responsible for the puppy farm fled the country.

Authorities have not laid any charges against them.

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