July 16, 2024

Great British Railway Journeys is back for a 15th season with dapper dresser Michael Portillo taking more train rides through Britain’s fascinating post-war history.

Exploring the Britain of his youth, criss-crossing the country by rail and taking a nostalgic look back at everything from the birth of space exploration, to the invention of the lava lamp, Portillo looks back through the post-war decades!

Episode One: Denham to Swindon
Beginning at London Marylebone, the last great Victorian railway terminus to be built in the capital, Michael embarks on a post-war exploration of Britain’s southern counties. Continuing along the Chiltern line, Michael alights at High Wycombe, a historic centre of furniture-making thanks to its setting amid an abundance of beechwood forest. Then, he travels to Oxford to discover its local history.

Tuesday, 2 July at 7.30pm on SBS.

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