July 16, 2024

In the final episode of Secret Science, Matt Okine continues his look into Male Fertility.

In Matt Okine is Going to Die, Matt’s mission was to reveal the power in confronting what happens when life ends.

This time, he’s at the start line, looking at where it all begins – the moment an egg and sperm meet for the first time. But making babies in this modern world can sometimes be tricky. So, what’s going on? Why are so many young women freezing their eggs? What has caused male sperm counts to plummet by 50% in the last forty years?

Matt is taking an investigative swim around today’s world of fertility. He’s spending time in the labs finding out about how the latest technologies to improve our chances of conceiving.

On the side, he’s set up Sperm School, taking ordinary blokes through a 12-week programme to learn about what goes on inside their pants, what they can do to improve their sperm count and how to be a bigger part of the fertility conversation.

9pm Tuesday on ABC.

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