July 22, 2024

This week on Better Homes & Gardens Charlie Albone visits Washington DC’s National Arboretum & Gardens, while Graham heads to Shoalhaven River.

Charlie – Washington DC’s National Arboretum & Gardens
It’s true Charlie’s love-affair with gardening knows no bounds, so over the next two weeks he’s in Washington DC to dispel the myth that DC is all about the politics. The gardens and greenspaces are just as impressive as the history itself. Sure, he’ll visit the famous landmarks like the White House and Capitol Building, but we guarantee you’ll be more blown away by how green America’s capital is, from the National Arboretum and US Botanic Gardens to the stunning Smithsonian and an incredible Franciscan Monastery. Charlie also visits some famous food joints frequented by Presidents and prominent locals.

Johanna – Twinkle Toes Tradie
Our resident tradie, Adam is going from wood-working to waltzing on the new season of Dancing with the Stars and Joh is on hand to witness his transformation. Following hot on the heels of Charlie last year, Adam is coached by DWTS veteran Jess Raffa who has a lot to teach him. After visiting Adam and Jess during a rehearsal in a dance studio, they then move onto the DWTS stage and catch up the other contestants. We even get a sneak-peak behind the scenes as the contestants get sparkled up. So, tune in to find out if this gun on the tools can cope with the thrill of dance drills and become the twinkle toes tradie.

Colin – Easy Meatball Bake
If you want to impress the food critics at your home, Colin’s Easy Meatball Bake is sure to win them over. With a bunch of ingredients you know everyone will like; onions, garlic, pork and beef mince, how can you go wrong? This is a great dish to get the kids involved too, as they can get their hands messy mixing and rolling the meatballs. It’s an easy, versatile and forgiving recipe, so don’t stress if you’re missing the odd herb. Simply swap it out for one that you have and use extra. Easy!

Clarissa – Ghee Cookies (Sugee)
Clarissa’s Ghee Cookies are melt in your mouth cookies that resemble traditional butter biscuits. Not only are they eggless, but they’re easy to make and are deliciously addictive. Even though the ingredients are pretty basic, the ghee in this recipe imparts a rich and luxurious scent. While they’re traditionally made for celebrations during Lunar new year, Deepavali or Eid, you can enjoy them anytime you want.

Melissa – Suburban Plant Oasis
Our love-affair with indoor plants continues to grow. One innocent little plant can quickly turn into an obsession. Melissa visits the home of Quin Hoang, whose small collection of indoor plants grew into a thriving online business that has turned their home into a nursery. Melissa explores this leafy oasis to show you some of her favourites as well as give us her top tips on growing healthy happy plants. She’ll also demonstrate how easy it is to up-style your own indoor plants by colour matching with pots. Let your indoor plant obsession begin

Graham – Terrara Walkaround
Situated on the bank of the Shoalhaven River on the South Coast of NSW, is one of those rare magical properties. ‘Where the Land meets the Sea’, Terrara House was established in 1904 and is undoubtedly the finest Historic Mansion in the Shoalhaven region. Tonight, Graham takes you on a tour of this pristine land consisting of parterre gardens, hedged mazes, a checkerboard, herb garden and artisan produce garden. Graham finds a new experience at every turn of the property!

Juliet – Clay Candle Holders
When you can’t find pieces to fit the interior style of the moment, there’s only one option left, make your own; and Juliet has done just that to sculpt stylish clay candle holders. With only a big blob of clay, a sponge and a little carving tool, Juliet creates stunning candle holders that look beautiful raw or painted. And by using air dry clay, there’s no firing or baking involved, so it’s a great Saturday afternoon craft project for you and the kids.

Dr Harry – Stair Fear Dalmatian
There’s a troubled dog in Brisbane whose owners have called upon Dr Harry for help. You see, Harvey the dalmatian, has a fear of going downstairs, which is a bit of a dilemma when you live in a beautiful old Queenslander home. Harvey is distressed, his owners are upset, and the problem is far more than superficial. What goes up must come down, especially if it’s Harvey the dalmatian. Will Dr Harry be able to find the solutions to this pooch’s predicament?

7pm Friday on Seven / 7TWO.

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