July 16, 2024

Police have scaled the roof of Parliament House in Canberra and directed protesters displaying anti-war and pro-Palestine banners to leave.

The protesters, believed to number about five, unveiled their display about an hour ago as police rushed to the site.

They also threw paper planes inscribed with messages calling for Australia to support global peace and to end “the enabling of war crimes”.

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Protesters were seen wearing face-covering masks. It remains unknown how they evaded security to reach the roof.

Numerous banners called for a free Palestine and an end to the war in Gaza.

Other banners appeared to reference the European colonisation of Australia, declaring “Genocide since 1788”.

A media release from a group dubbed Renegade Activists was circulated to multiple newsrooms after the protest began.

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“Today, anti-genocide activists ascend federal parliament in an act of solidarity with our Palestinian, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander kin,” it read.

It called for the Australian government to cease its support for Israel and the US.

“Exposing the masters of war is only the first step,” the release read.

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“To the Albanese government: we will not forget, we will not forgive, and we will continue to resist.”

It’s believed all protesters had been escorted from the roof by about 11.30am AEST, though not all banners had been removed.

The United Nations has previously issued arrest warrants for both Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as leaders of Hamas, on war crimes charges.

The Australian government, including Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, has refused to comment on the proceedings, despite condemnation of the court from US President Joe Biden.

More to come…

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