July 22, 2024

And it’s a very happy birthday to Home & Away‘s own Ray Meagher who today celebrated his 80th birthday with a cake on The Morning Show.

Meagher is the longest continuing actor in an Australian television role, as Alf Stewart.

But it was just another day at the office for the octogenarian telling the Daily Telegraph, “I’ve got seven straight scenes, so I will be up at five in the morning and finish at seven,” he said.

Meagher recently told TV Tonight, why he stayed with the Seven soap for nearly 4 decades.

“The crew are just the best people. I mean, there are so many here that have been here for so long, both the studio crew and the location crew. It’s just a very, very pleasant place to come and the core cast are bloody terrific as well. You see, young kids come in, some that get (big-heads) for a while, and others that are just fabulous kids. You can learn from all of them,” he said.

“People who look down their nose at soap I reckon are often people who’ve never been asked to do it and if they were they’d realise that it isn’t a walk in the park. You’ve got to learn and adapt quickly. So I enjoy all of that.

“If there was a time when I was driving to work one morning and I drove to Channel Nine I’d probably think about giving it away.”

Happy 80th Ray!

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