July 16, 2024

After announcing his departure as Ramsay Street’s own ‘Toadie’ Ryan Moloney has teased a dramatic exit, in an interview with ITV’s This Morning.

“I actually wanted to leave before Neighbours finished, the last time. But (when) it was going to finish, I thought I’d stick around.”

Pressed on being persuaded to return for the revival he added, “Basically, it’s like a once in a life time thing that a show gets axed and then brought back. … I think you’d be silly to say no to it.”

Moloney will continue to work behind the camera having recently completed his first episode and bossing around fellow cast mates.

“They were pretty good about it actually, I was a bit worried about directing Jackie and Alan, Karl & Susan, they are like my parents ..but it was absolutely wonderful.”

Teasing Toadie’s exit he said, “The only clue that I am going to say is that it is just bloody big. It is a hige, huge, storyline. I’m not going to say if he lives or dies. It’s not something to be missed.”

He added it is tied to the one year anniversary of the show’s return.

Neighbours screens 4pm Monday – Thursday on 10.

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