July 16, 2024

Look at your TV -has there ever been so many Quiz and Game shows as now?

There are games of skill, of luck, with general knowledge, specialist subjects, adults, kids, with daytime, primetime and special episodes, screening across every Free to Air network.

Here are the recent and current titles in schedules….

The Chase
The Chase UK
The 1% Club
The 1% Club UK
Tipping Point
Tipping Point Australia
Tipping Point Australia specials
Hard Quiz
Hard Quiz Kids
Hard Quiz rpt
Deal or No Deal
Spicks & Specks
Jeopardy Australia

Still to come are:

Deal or No Deal specials
Big Backyard Quiz
Wheel of Fortune

That’s not counting QI, The Hundred with Andy Lee, Have You Been Paying Attention?

There are so many you could watch multiple shows back to back on any given day.

Many of the quiz shows -all male-hosted- are especially popular with older viewers, and help drive audiences into primetime news.

Despite the flurry of activity, there is seemingly room for them all.

“Quiz shows have always been a TV staple and that is no different in 2024,” critic Colin Vickery tells TV Tonight.

“What we have seen in recent times is a surge in humorous quiz shows – particularly in prime time – and they have, for the most part, been successful.

“The early evening shows – The Chase, Tipping Point, Deal Or No Deal, – are the more traditional question-and-answer-for-prize-money format. Networks sometimes flirt with prime time specials for these but they never seem to quite connect in the same way.

“Are there too many? The success of newbies Tipping Point and The 1% Club suggests not. That doesn’t mean that they will all work. The misbegotten reboot of The Weakest Link was rightly shunned by viewers.

“I think the current spate of shows illustrates how flexible the genre is. Some have prizes, some don’t. Some are fast paced, some aren’t. Some tackle wide ranging news and current affairs, others specialised subjects. In some the host is a drawcard, and for others the format is king.

“As long as networks keep coming up with creative twists there seems to be plenty of life left in the genre.”

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