July 15, 2024

The Federal opposition insists the states must respect a mandate for nuclear power if Peter Dutton becomes prime minister at the next election.

A protest demanding an end to fossil fuel was held on Sydney Harbour today as Labor and the Coalition both insisted they could get power prices down.

While the boat passed Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s residence, it was mostly viewed by police.

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The federal government wants fossil fuel replaced eventually by wind, solar, hydro, batteries and some gas.

The opposition wants nuclear in the mix and states out of the way.

“If the Australian people send a strong message about having an energy mix rather than all renewables, I think they all want us to be the adults in the room and get on with what the Australian people decide,” Nationals Leader David Littleproud told Weekend Today

Agriculture Minister Murray Watt responded.

“If Peter Dutton has to threaten the states and his own party members to support his risky nuclear plan – why should any Australians support that plan themselves?” he said.

The Senate, where the Greens and crossbench would likely hold the balance of power, is also a problem for the Coalition.

“There’s no threat – we’d rather be constructive – but if we get a mandate I think what the Australian people want is leadership,” Littleproud said.

Polling released this weekend showed support for nuclear was far lower among women.

The challenge for Dutton is that a majority of voters, majorities in both houses, the CSIRO and all the states all yet to be convinced.

“As well as opposing every one of our measures to take cost-of-living pressure off Australians, they have a plan to jack up power prices by more than eight times what people are currently paying,” Watt said.

Nationals Senator Bridget McKenzie told Sky’s Sunday Agenda: “We’re absolutely committed to having a credible plan to net zero that keeps the lights on and the jobs here at home.”

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