July 22, 2024

New documentary Turbulence: How Safe Is Your Flight? will screen next Monday night on Seven.

This follows the recent incidents occuring on a Singapore Airlines flight during which a British man died from a suspected heart attack onboard after severe turbulence.

When passengers boarded Singapore Airlines flight SQ321 no one imagined the horror that awaited. 10 hours into the flight the plane hit sudden extreme turbulence.

The doco uses minute-by-minute analysis of flight SQ321 to examine the science of turbulence – exploring its causes, effects, and implications, what pilots can do to avoid it and whether this is a result of climate change.

Featuring exclusive interviews with passengers, pilots and air crew, the documentary provides an account of how pilots and aircraft deal with mid-flight challenges caused by turbulence.

7:30pm Monday July 15 on Seven.

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