July 16, 2024

In the finale of Do You Want to Live Forever? the moment of truth arrives for its eight participants.

After 12 weeks of challenges, intense training and cutting-edge treatments, Tracy Grimshaw and Dr Nick Coatsworth reveal whether they have successfully turned back their biological clocks.

Dr Nick travels to Japan to meet soccer players who continue to play well into their 80s, uncovering the secrets behind their remarkable longevity and vitality. Back in Australia, we meet tennis players Les and Henry who are still actively competing at the ultra-impressive age of 100 – demonstrating that age is just a number.

Amidst the final evaluations, Tracy Grimshaw revisits Melbourne entrepreneur Nick Bell to see if his anti-ageing gamble has paid off.

Will our participants emerge with a new perspective, a healthier approach, and years added to their lives, or will they be confronting the harsh reality of mortality?

7:30pm Monday on Nine.

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